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“Professional Bicycle Fitting - Not Just for Racers!”
While almost every racer knows that a properly fit bike is crucial to performance, a common misconception is that these services are only practical for competitive cyclists. Comfort is the most important part of any bike fit. It’s hard to have fun riding an uncomfortable bike, and something beautiful happens when every component on your bike is optimized and adjusted specifically for your body. The rider and the bike move as one, quietly and efficiently. Short and uncomfortable trips turn into long, relaxing, and pleasant rides. Soreness in hands, shoulders, knees, and saddle are all common ailments of a poorly fitted bicycle. Our staff is trained to listen to your story and your body to provide you with a custom fit experience.

The process starts with a conversation. We listen to your needs, cycling history, and plans for the bike that is being fit. We then have you pedal indoors while we optimize your riding position with a focus on comfort and efficiency. Having someone watch you pedal can sometimes feel a little unnerving, but we’re not here to judge. We’re here to adjust your bike to fit your body in the best possible way. We fit the bike to the rider, not the other way around. We know and respect that every rider is different and so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The fitting sessions can take a few hours but don’t worry- you don’t have to pedal the whole time. We block out the time slots so that we have enough time to learn about you and your needs and then adjust and change your bicycle components as necessary.

What you should bring to your fitting session:
Your bike
Shorts you commonly use for cycling

Complete Bicycle Fitting with Suspension Setup for Full Suspension Bicycles - $299
Since suspension setup can greatly influence bicycle fit. We offer this service for cyclists with full suspension bikes. We block off two different time slots to complete this suspension, tune, and bike fit. The first is a 3-hour slot and is followed by a 1-hour slot at least a week later. This break is to ensure that the rider will have time to test his or her fit and suspension setup on the trail between fitting sessions.

Complete Fitting for Aero-Bar Equipped Bicycles - $259
TT, Tri, or road bikes with clip on aero bars have considerably more comfort and performance potential from a proper fit. We’ll work with you to optimize your position on your aero bike in our fit studio. Due to the added complexity of an aero bar system, we block off a 4 hour time slot for this fitting. We’ll work with you to increase your pedaling efficiency and reduce your frontal area while making sure that your position is sustainable for the duration of your race or ride.

Complete Bicycle Fitting for Bicycles with Front or No Suspension - $199
We’ll fit your road bike or hard tail to optimize efficiency and comfort. For this fitting session we block out a 3 hour time slot.

Commuter Bike Fitting - $99

We offer this service for bicycles without clipless pedals. Commuters and other riders who use platform pedals deserve comfort and performance too!

Cleats-to-Seat - $99
Here we fit everything involved in the pedaling dynamic. This is great for riders who have just purchased a new seat or pedals. Are you new to clipless pedals? Having issues with your saddle or cleat position? In a cleats-to-seat session we’ll adjust everything from the hips down.

Follow-Up - $29
This is to bring any bike that has been previously fit by us back for adjustments. Normal causes for adjustments include weight gain or loss, changes in conditioning, injury, or a component change such as your pedals or saddle.
Generally, bicycle fitting sessions end with the client being comfortable on the bike. Sometimes if major adjustments were made it may take a few rides to fully acclimate to the changes. If there is an issue with a bicycle right after a fitting session we want you back here ASAP- there are no follow-up fees for adjustments made shortly after your initial fitting.

Why choose us?
In addition to our dedication to customer service, and a bunch of other benefits, we're happy to offer a credit system to make your life easier. Buying a bike? Awesome! Doing so will earn you credit toward a bike fitting package to suit your needs. Buying a new set of shoes for $200 puts you well on your way to a fit!